Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau is a Stockholm based multidisciplinary design practice led by French designer Paul Vaugoyeau.

The Atelier is cultivating a holistic approach to creation, covering a broad range of services including creative direction, commercial and residential interiors, furniture and product design. With a focus on materiality and experimentation, our designs pursue essentialism and humanist values, where dialogue and meaningful relationships are at the center of the process.

Prior to starting his practice in 2017, Paul was part of the initial team founding the online furniture startup Hem.com in 2014 and has directed the brand and collection.


︎  Creative Direction
︎  Interior Architecture
︎  Product Design
︎  Design Development
︎  Art Direction
︎  Consulting  

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Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau AB
Tegelbruksvägen 1 12632
Stockholm, Sweden.

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