Café Gyproc — Bistro
Kortrijk, Belgium

Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau in collaboration with Julien Renault designs a bistro for the Biennale Intérieur 2018 in Kortrijk. Inspired by the traditional “café terrasse”, Café Gyproc translates the simple Latin joy of life and the importance of bringing people together. Julien and Paul wanted to bring this atmosphere and sense of community into the busy alleys of the Biennale Interieur 2018.

The architecture of Café Gyproc is envisioned as an archetype of the communal place. The large regular window openings, the colorful sun-blinds, the center bar, and bistro chairs facing the streets will immediately tell the wanderer what this place is about. Like a snapshot, the construction is stopped, showing the hidden beauty of raw materials and revealing the impermanent beauty of a space in the making.

Client: Biennale Interieur
Location: Kortrijk, Belgium
Status: Completed
Programme: 140 sqm
Date / Duration: 02/2018 — 10/2018

Interior Design: Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau & Julien Renault
Photography: Julien Renault
With the participation of Saint Gobain Gyproc, Massproductions, Kvadrat & Flos.

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