Hem — Headquarters 
Stockholm, Sweden

Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau completes the design of the new headquarters for Swedish online furniture brand Hem.com

During Stockholm Design Week, we unveil Hem Design Studio new Stockholm HQ, a freshly renovated office space in central Stockholm. the space embodies Hem’s vanguard design aesthetic and features hacked office features, such as a traditional grid ceiling, intentionally left visible, and honest materials such as custom storage and furniture made from lacquered MDF.   

The new Hem HQ combines office space for 40 full-time employees, several meeting rooms, a design studio, photo studio, and workshop across 750 m²

Client: Hem Design Studio
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Status: Completed
Programme: 750 m²
Duration: 06/2019 — 01/2020

Interior design: Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau
Photography: Erik Lefvander

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