Lammhults — Showroom 
Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish furniture brand Lammhults has opened its redesigned flagship showroom designed by Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau in Stockholm, marking an evolution in its creative direction.

The showroom builds on the company’s well-established design knowledge and heritage and taking it in a contemporary, approachable and domestic direction. providing visitors with a new in-person experience of the brand.

Vaugoyeau and the Lammhults team felt the accelerated change in the work environment over the recent years, notably in Sweden where the burgeoning start-up culture has led to a big co-working movement and a radical change in people’s expectations of an office. The showroom shows how Lammhults is adapting to the diversity of these new contexts – creating a flexible, multi-use space for the brand, with interior installations that can be moved, amended, and re-purposed for future use.

The concept was to create more intimate areas across two floors within the large-scale existing space, creating a variety of different room settings, each acting as a different “set” to demonstrate the potential and versatility of the new furniture pieces working in a variety of contexts. Each room set is a curated, flexible, interactive space, a small cameo that evokes a different place or atmosphere.

Client: Lammhults
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Status: Completed
Program: 500 sqm
Duration: 10/2020 — 02/2021

Interior design: Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau
Photography: Erik Lefvander

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