Massproductions — The Little Things 
Stockholm, Sweden

 Massproductions is presenting “The Little Things” a collection of smaller furniture pieces and accessories available online, which premiered at Massproductions Works, on Östgötagatan 29C in an exhibition by Paul Vaugoyeau.

The installation is comprised of a small room covered with crumpled silver foil. Immersive and slightly surreal, the space is designed to disorient the visitor. The expressive silver foil also acts as a neutral background for objects of different colors and materials, subtly reflecting its surroundings.

At the center, a gondola entirely made of raw aluminum displays the objects. The gondola is a reinterpretation of street stalls. Found in densely populated cities, especially in Asia, these carts usually integrate light and a lot of clever functions. Celebrating this ingeniosity, the Massproductions Gondola has compartments fitting each packaging and integrated led lighting.

Client: Massproductions
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Status: Completed
Program: 52 sqm
Duration: 06/2022 — 09/2022

Interior design: Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau
Photography: Andy Liffner

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