TID Watches — Brand Store
Stockholm, Sweden

Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau completes the interior design of a store and office for TID Watches.

The store embodies TID’s design values and brings customers and friends together through events and releases. The modernist simplicity of the gallery-like space features white washed walls and concrete floor paired with uncompromising furniture custom made from American Douglas pine. A communal table for meetings and a display shelf made from wide planks makes up the main elements in the large room and convey TID´s value: “Creating products to wear through shifts in times and styles”

Client: TID Watches
Location: Normalm, Stockholm
Status: Completed
Programme: 60 sqm
Date / Duration: 04/2014 — 08/2014

Interior Design: Atelier Paul Vaugoyeau
Team: TID Watches team
Photography: Jonas Lindström

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